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Plan your ICT classroom

Establish as many facts as you can.

Age group:

Desk height and sizes can be adjusted accordingly.

Class size:

Obviously, it is better to have sufficient places when you have finished.

Subjects to be taught:

This can be a factor, for example, some tasks are more mouse driven than others while others will require more desk space.

Type of computers to be used:

This will effect the design of any furniture. Size is obvious, but additionally for example, if you want CPU units hung in a secure holder under the desk top you will need a wider desk to create sufficient space for knees and a chair.

Power and data requirements:

Make sure you can supply power and data to the workstations, but remember, wires are meant to take electricity to where you need it, not the other way round.

Draw an accurate plan of the room:

A scale of 1:50 is OK but can be deceptive, 1:20 is better and will help you gauge how much space there is around chairs and workstations.

Plot out the furniture either by drawing it or by making accurate cut-outs. Allow extra space for corners and allow space for easy access between workstation seating for over the shoulder observation.

Ensure sufficient space at the front of the room for the tutor to move about, this will allow for more observation of screen content and what pupil hands are actually doing.

Think about what sort of room you want to create.

Any one can build an IT suite, but as a professional you need a professional solution. You probably have views on what you want, but also think about what you would like someone to feel when they enter the room. We believe your plan should raise the spirits and people should see that here is a place where a teacher can teach effectively and students will be calm, content, motivated and focused.

Your plan should enable all those things to happen.

Finally, if you really do not have the necessary time, ask a qualified designer to help, it does not have to be us, any designer should be able to bring special qualities to your project to help you complete the task successfully.