I M Design



CONSOLE - modular video and console workstation system

Basic desk, linking and extension tops and AV cabinets


Functional, practical and versatile video editing and console desk system.

Build a free standing custom made installation around a core desk unit. Link to adjacent desks, form meeting ends, add rack and general storage units.

Accommodate a wide variety of equipment with the use of custom made add-on's where necessary.

Wide variety of finishes available.

Discuss your needs - all units are made to order - sizes and shapes can be adjusted to fit available space and your choice of equipment.

Computers, monitors and seating supplied separately.

Core desk - laminated worktop - heavy duty steel desk base - length: 1800 - depth: 1035- height: 720

Extension and linking worktop shapes
Equipment rack cabinet - length: 539 - depth: 704 - height: 690

Double width CPU holder and storage cabinet - length: 604 - depth: 604 - height: 690


Single width CPU holder and storage cabinet - length: 314 - depth: 604 - height: 690