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office planning by i m design

planning should examine all elements of a project

the tasks to be undertaken

the need for open or cellular office space

circulation space and access

furniture types and layouts

ancillary areas, breakout, meeting rooms, etc

location of power, date, lighting and air con

all businesses know that to have a plan is better than not having a plan

an office plan should provide information

is there enough space

are you making best use of space that you have

are all services in the right place

do you meet your obligations






Office partitioning, ceilings and raised floors

These are important elements in the creation of a successful scheme.

Meeting rooms and circulation space

Circulation spaces needs to take people to where they need to be, be it a meeting room, a colleague or just the way out.

Breakout and refreshment areas

Some offices need space for people to meet informally - man on the floor is optional.



Someday, it's going to be your office that needs special treatment

There is no rule that says all offices must look the same.

Whether you are the head of a business, the head of an academy or any other organisation, your working needs are unique. You may need some or all of the following; a place to work, a meeting table, some informal seating, audio visual facilities, storage space, conveniently located power and data, possibly all in a compact space.

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