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STEP - upholstered teired seating for story telling

Basic seating units

We believe in creating spaces that excite and inspire children

Educational buildings have improved dramatically, but furniture is sometimes added just to make use of the voids created by the builder.

A room has no function until furniture is installed, furniture defines what a space is to be used for and it also defines our emotional connection to that space.

How we feel when we first enter a room is crucial, it defines our attitude to everything that we are expected to do in that room and determines whether we want to go back again.

We want children to be drawn to the spaces we help furnish.

We want them to cherish their surroundings, we want them to interact constructively with each other and members of staff, we want them to be able to concentrate on the tasks they are asked or have chosen to do.

Like you, we know that each successful lesson learned is an important step on life's journey.


3 teir seating unit - length: 2400- depth: 2400 - height: 900

Linking seating unit - length: 810 - depth: 1080 - height: 600
Design of units is owned by Northern Foam and Upholstery of Leeds, manufacturers of the seating. Enquiries may be made via I M Design or directly to Northern Foam and Upholstery. Contact details for Northern Foam and Upholstery are t: 0113 257 1513 or e: northernfoamupholstery@yahoo.co.uk.